Cooking Tuesday

19 April 2011

I think every Tuesday as Long as I remember I am going to start Cooking Tuesdays! and I will post 1 thing I have made, it will be regular food as well as healthy food since I am supposed to be eating healthier.

Seafood Soup

My doctor told me I need to eat more vegetable carbs, and my husband had the taste for some seafood so he asked if I could make a soup. So I threw in some vegetables,shrimp,lobster, a voila we have seafood soup! now this fed us both with still a lot to spare so I freezed it for a rainy day..

1 Can of chicken broth
2 Cups of water
1 Bag of mixed veggies
1 medium Onion (optional)
12 large shrimps
2 lobster tails
and your favorite seasonings to taste

I used
Old bay seasoning
salt & pepper
Cajun seasoning


Sarah said...

mmm looks good, my husband doesn't eat vegetables and says soup isn't real food (not filling enough for him) but I might have to make some of this to take for my lunches!

Ashley said...

All I can think about now is lobster!

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