12 April 2011

My current weight 172                          &             My highest weight 244        

On November 23, 2010 I had WLS surgery (weight loss surgery) the one I had is called vertical sleeve gastrectomy. 

Here is an entry a couple days out of surgery:

So Tonya's husband Wes picked Vanessa and me up around 7 am, we dropped Vanessa off with Tonya and headed to the hospital he had an appointment that day at 7:30 so it worked out pretty well. He went off to his appointment and I went down to the 1st floor to drop off my Urine sample. Then I went up to the 6th floor and checked in at the desk, the lady at the front remember me from before when they had lost my folder lol. and she took me straight to the back waiting room through the huge surgery doors. I was in a curtain room with a few chairs and a tv and they gave me 2 gowns and some of those hospital socks and a bag to put my clothes in. I waited until exactly 9:30 am before someone came and got me. 

The lady took me to the 3rd floor as soon as you stepped off the elevator you knew you were in surgery lol. everyone was wearing scrubs and masks, there were people lined up in beds waiting for their turn into surgery, some people I had recognized from upstairs, it was freezing down their I passed my surgeon on the way in kind of made me a little excited because it was all now becoming real. They gave me a bed and this guy came to hook me up to an IV he had such a hard time he had to get help lol. after like 4 pokes they finally got the first IV in. My DR came over we both had to resign one of my consent form because a month a had gone by and it expired, he asked me if I was ready and that everything would be fine. 

about 10 minutes later they wheeled me into the room. All I remember was them holding my arms out in like a cross shape for whatever they were about to do and I passed out I woke up to someone calling my name and asking me if I knew who I was lol.. apparently I was in recovery.. I was so irritable at that point I felt like they kept asking me a million question and all I wanted to do was say *shut up* lol but I was nice and answered the question they kept commenting on how alert I was, I was in no pain but I had burning sensation in my chest that was bothering me. My Dr walked in and said everything went excellent so that was good to hear. They proceeded to wheel me off to my room and I was able to slide over into my bed on my own which they also commented on. I was soooo Thirsty! but of course you can not have anything to drink or any ice chips :( 

they gave me a morphine button which I apparently used 12 times out of 30 uses and I only used it on the first day, it got rid of the burning pain but it also made me very nauseous and let me tell you throwing up on an empty stomach is not fun! They ended up giving me Zertec and some other medication I had to have every 6 hours for the nausea even though I dont really believed it helped when I used the morphine. I pretty much slept that entire day I was in and out of conciousness and writing jibberish texts to people telling them I was okay lol.

the next day I felt fine.. no burning no nothing I just felt tired. they finally brought me some chicken broth and some water with crystal light lemonade and jello. I felt so much better after consuming that and my nausea stopped. for dinner that night I had beef broth (which is gross) a grape pospsicle and some more crystal light. I was up and walking around the hospital because I was bored out of my mind. they said I was doing so well I would more than likely go home the next day (thanksgiving) 

My surgeon came in thanksgiving morning looked at my cuts and said I was able to go home after they took my catheter out and my drain.. some people said having the drain taken out hurt.. but it just felt weird to me.. like a foreign object being pulled out of your stomach. the guy said he had a guy earlier who said it hurt and was calling him every curse word in the book lol.. I have 4 incision about eh 1in long. they make kind of like a diamond shape if you were to connect the dots and one small incision/hole from where the drain was sort of to the left inside the diamond.

I am 4 pounds down since surgery I am a slow starter compared to others because I did not have to do the 2 week liquid diet before surgery but I don't care its all going to be worth it in the end. I am still in no pain. My incision are kind of sore but noticeable no nausea I am sleepy a lot and have been taking it pretty easy.


Gastric Sleeve Laproscopic
Dr. Choi Augusta, Ga


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