Busy Day

13 April 2011

The dress I ordered at the beginning of the month came in the mail today I am so excited! it is a size "LARGE" me in a L.. Who would have thought?! I really need to tone my arms and my legs though. My friend talked me into getting the Insanity workout and I think I am going to start it on Monday. I skipped through parts of it so I could see what they do and I think it is going to be intense! I am pumped I need to do this lol I am so close to my goal weight It times to make sure I am fit not just skinny.

On another note I tried corn rolls for the first time today! I am so proud of myself.. I am trying to learn how to style Vanessa's hair now that she is a bit older and notices when I do her hair. Everyone says the corn rolls look great they are a little loose I don't know how to braid them tight but I think its great for a first time.


Ashley said...

The dress looks fabulous!

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