6 months today

23 May 2011

I am 6 months out today :)

I am down 86 pounds!
no mini goals at the moment

I am reached my second goal of 160 on May 12

I have 18 pounds left to go to get to Goal

I wear a size 10 jeans but they are getting loose..

and my BMI has gone from 41.8 to 27.1
Extremely obese to Overweight

All in all I dont care if I dont lose another pound, everything I've ever wanted to be able to do I can do.. I love being able to go into a store and find my size in anything I chose and not worrying if its too tight or makes me look bad.. I wear dresses and skirts.. which I have never done unless I had to.. 

My husband piggy backed me around the house for the first time ever it was a thrilling experience and nice for him to say that I am light as a feather, I better be careful or I will blow away haha.. 

I eat whatever I want without any problems, I dont eat rice or noodles because they fill me up to much.. I can however eat sushi rolls with no problem I can have about 2-3 of those.. I also dont eat many sweets.. Sunflower seeds are still and have become more of an addiction of mine.. and I am also now addicted to Thrift stores It has been my best friend while losing the weight..

The weight loss has slowed a lot.. but I am not complaining at all.. I am the happiest I have been in a looooooong time :)


Life as Leah said...

I think you look amazing!! I would have guessed more a size 6 instead of a 10, which just goes to show that it's not about numbers but your own individual body. I'm glad you are enjoying shopping, there's no better reason to go out and get some new clothes!!

Mila said...

You look amazing!
I need to get on a program to weight loss.

How did you do it?

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