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19 May 2011

I want to start Nailin Thursday's

I am getting into doing my nails more, so when I do decide to re do them I will post something on the following Thursday.. I am also in the process of buying everything I need *professional* to do acrylic nails I think when its all said and done I will probably spend about a good $300..

So far I received 
Debra Lynn Professional 10 pcs. Acrylics Nail Brush Set

This is just to get me started, theres a #08 brush I really want to get but it made more sense to get a whole pack of brushes then just 1 single brush at the moment

Here is the design that I am currently sporting

I decided to go with a tiger pattern and some glitter, my friend Monica thought I put decals on my fingers it was funny.. I guess that means I did a good job..

and this is what I used:

I really liked E.L.F Purple pleasure, not too dark not too light..


Life as Leah said...

They look so good!! I like that there's just a little touch of glitter!

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