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02 June 2011

I received my items yesterday from the contest I won at Decorate This I love it! Everything is so fancy.. I can not wait until I can try everything out, I need an excuse to make cupcakes now.

I am still waiting on my new battery so that I can start playing with my new Nikon D3100.. Its been 2 weeks and  my camera has been tucked neatly away so I wont be sad about finally having it and not using it lol..

I have been preparing for Curtis' birthday in a month, I making it XBOX360 themed... Black & Green.. I have already ordered the party decorations, I have made invitations, and I already found someone to make an XBOX 360 fondant cake. He has never had a birthday party before so I wanted to do something nice for him  this year..

I have also already ordered his Father's day gifts I purchased him the next two issues of Vampire Hunter D books he has been reading, I told him I was not going all out on Father's day since his bday was right around the corner.


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